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COS Shoes

Man those are pretty, via Selectism.
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Luke Whitlatch

I had the pleasure of knowing Luke during a couple years of college together, definitely one of the most inherently talented individuals who’s crossed my path. More work here.
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Red Gold

Really beautiful film about a fishing community in Alaska and their quest to halt a giant copper mine.
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Outside the Shoe Box

Man, I tried. I tried really hard. It is really tough these days to find quality goods outside a major US city, or hell even in a major US city. I tried my best to attain a pair of kicks that would really be on par with what I have been conjuring in my mind’s [...]
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L.L.Bean Trim-Fit Oxford – $29

So from first hand experience, I have to say that this is probably one of the hidden best deals out there right now at a whopping $29. Its trim but not button-bulging tight, super crisp and just generally solid. The fabric is great, wrinkle-resistant (great for our conversation about all those shirts sitting in the [...]
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DoubleButter I need

A few pieces from DoubleButter that would be great at my house. The Penguin beside the couch in the front room, the Grasshopper for lounging on the porch, and the Crane for proper barstools. All good stuff from good local guys. Check out their new site.
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Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina clothes, bikes and motorcycles via A Time To Get.
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Just for the Archives

Seeing as this is pretty much me in a style nutshell and I’ve been absolutely glued to the post, I have to keep this one for the archives. Thanks to A Time to Get.
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Ace Hotel, Palm Springs

Ace Hotel.
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Icon 4×4

Icon 4×4 via
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