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Clamp Lights

Falls into the category of simple, cheap, goodness.
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Farmer’s Daughter Hotel – LA

I still think LA is a great quick vacation spot. Southwest & United have both been offering some great deals. Farmer’s Daughter looks like a fun boutique hotel – check the wood on the room walls….
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Richard Tuttle

One of my favorites, Richard Tuttle.
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Hoping to build one in the backyard this summer, looking for inspiration. Ideas? Decks just seem to get so ugly so quickly. Oh yeah, and a random guy on top of Mt. Hood with cool shades – and I bet those are wool pants….
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On Shelves

Seeing as we’re going to try and build these this weekend (hopefully with Dexter’s intervention), I was doing more research and found this great blog that just features bookcases. Books At Home.
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Flickr Du Jour – Esoule

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Randy Polumbo and His Homestead

NYT via The Selvedge Yard.
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Figured you’d be all about this look, aside from the fact that each piece will set you back about six bills. CoSTUME NATIONAL.
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Laguiole Straight Razors

I wish I had the guts, knowhow and sheer coolness to work one of these bad boys. I think that chart would be more a detailed illustration of where I would be cutting flaps of skin from my face. At any rate, fun to think about. Laguiole Straight Razor.
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Bird Feeder Challenge

This one is kind of like the mailbox challenge, we can find something better than this or make something for less right? Ready, GO! Above from DWR, All Modern & Velocity.
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