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Sebago Lighthouse

The boat shoe’s ship will probably have sailed by fall, but I really dig these boots with the rawhide laces from Sebago.
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Hatch Show Print

This is the place from which Wendy’s friend hooked us up with our Johnny Cash poster. Rockin sweet letterpress since 1879, Hatch Show Print.
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Black Bird Fly

These look really fun. Uses normal 35mm film, 3 different framing options and even more fun, the ability to shoot multiple exposures on the same frame. Black Bird Fly.
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Perfect Day TV

Your fishing post reminded me of a great series of Scandinavian cooking shows Perfect Day TV. I got my sis a cookbook by one of the hosts, Andreas Viestad, called Kitchen of Light.
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Fish Photography – Corey Arnold

Look at that, I did a fishing post for you. Takes me back to my bering sea days. Corey Arnold.
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New Math

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Summer = Motorcycle

I have 2 motorcycles in a garage. Both in “almost” working condition. I’m hoping these photos will help spur me on to make this summer the summer of the fixing of the motorcycles. From
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Gabbeh Rugs

These are my new favorite. The designs are such a great blend of old organic and new mod looks. The ends are wrapped so no tassels in the vacuum and they are thick and lush compared to the other Persians I have.
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Josh Cochran

More great affordable art. This from Josh Cochran You may recognize 100 cars from my entryway. Might need those other two….
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The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet

Dave’s right, this might be good one for recalibrating everything.
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