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More Bags – Ally Capellino

I especially dig the backpack/shoulder bag concept. Overall, a really nice line from Ally Capellino. From The Constants Kept.
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Peasants & Travelers

A few bags to keep your wheels turning. Peasants & Travelers. The top weekend bag I’m not sure I’d ever use, the middle bag has that opposing strap – wonder if that actually helps the way it hangs? The envelope bag might be a good size for traveling… at which point is it a purse [...]
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Since 1924 and I’m probably the last to see it. Thoughts on these? Maybe it’s just because I’ve always wanted a green leather jacket.
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Kai D

Another in the workwear vein but still carrying some military styling (a little less military and I’d like it even better). I especially like the top felt coat – be good for Telluride. Kai D. Kaidi has a blog with some some great shots of early NYC as well, worth checking out.
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Hallmark Holidays – Not So Bad!

I’ve always been a naysayer when it comes to Hallmark holidays, but hell if loot like this keeps coming my way, I’m looking forward to my second Father’s Day! The wife even had to pick up the phone to order this dandy, now that is true love.
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Benefactor clothing

A surprise box of goodies from my clothing benefactor. So fun to get a box of clothes in mail! The jacket is gonna be great for fall. Items from Creep, Never Sleep, Diesel, Shades of Greige, Koto and Cheap Monday.
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Back to the Future

Ran across this shot of Michael J Fox circa Back to the Future and thought the look was just right for a comeback this fall. Here’s my slightly updated version. Moncler Tibet vest, Wrangler Jean Jacket, J-Crew Broken in T, and a ridiculously overpriced Band of Outsiders gingham. On a similar note, check this site [...]
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Concrete & Stone

On the lookout for cool concrete and stone walls, for a knee wall as the bottom half of my backyard fence and for planters. Here are a few that I like – the wood slatted concrete & a slipform rock wall. I think the slipform is just the ticket for my fence using that massive [...]
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DoubleButter Say What? from DoubleButter on Vimeo. Yes, Doublebutter again. But this was a fun way to spend a Saturday.
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Noah Kalina

I found this guy via his pretty amazing ongoing “take a picture of himself everyday” project but his photos are really fun. They belong to that set of “wish I could take those pictures” photography, it seems within reach but yet you can tell there’s gotta be skill & practice behind it. All in the [...]
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