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Mountain Research

File this under well done granola chic. Of which I’m always a fan, and I think its so much harder said than done. Good name. Nice work. Available at Garbstore.
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Dear L.L.Bean . . .

Why’d you stop making these? Love, Jedd P.S. Seriously, these are perfect. Why? Why? Why?
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Off the Hanger : Green River

Headed to one of my favorite places to fish in a few weeks, the Green River in southern Wyoming. If you’d get your casting skills up to par, I’d haul you along, but I’m in serious fishing company for this trip and there’s not much room for gettin’ learned. King Ropes hat as usual Simms [...]
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Hans Olsen Modular Seating Group

I always love modular furniture and am especially fond of the teak and hemp look. Price available on request from Red. From the Red description : Solid teak and hemp modular seating group by Hans Olsen circa late 1950’s. Phenomenally designed, each piece is removable so it is multi functional. The entire arrangement can be [...]
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Eppinger Dardevle

Started in 1906 by Lou Eppinger after spending a month in the Ontario wilderness fishing with a prototype rig. Instant classic. I’ve always been so far in the fly fishing camp that lures are just fascinating as objects to me and nothing beats a classic red and white Dardevle. I do like the looks of [...]
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Off the Hanger : Fall Yard Day

You know I can’t stand the heat, so I’m going to pretend its fall right round the corner and lull myself into a state of Autumn chill . . . Penfield Lockwood parka (even on sale now) Stormy Kromer Original hat just for Dexter J.Crew broken in tee and shawl collar fleece Solesu Leather Harness [...]
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I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately scouring this site for imagery to use in the interactive project we’re building for the Army and I have to say, there is some stunning work mixed in with the normal event documentation.
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Simple Goodness

Its been raining so much here this summer I’ve been thinking about how much I like simple rain jackets. Breathable? Prolly not. Taped seams and waterproof zippers? Nope. Just simple goodness. Helly Hansen Voss jacket.
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Live Edge

Prefab houses and furniture made from reclaimed wood salvaged from trees in urban areas. I like the middle ground they have found between a classic log cabin feel and a more modern prefab. Live Edge.
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Worth Every Penny : Atlas Pepper Mill

Really classic looking, nice and heavy, and most importantly it just works. Available locally at The Cupboard or at Amazon.
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