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Off the Hanger : Northern Exposure – Ed Chigliak

Second up in the series :Ed Chigliak Neil Young tee Alaska sweatshirt, Ed used to rock a yellow Cicely number with a salmon, awesome Biker Jacket Down Vest, always worn under the biker jacket 501′s Chucks Camera
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Raleigh Rainier Cyclocross

This thing would be just about perfect, specially if you wanted to keep it simple (although you’d probably want to add those additional flat lever brakes due to your detest for the road levers). Love the Rainier beer label look and the simple white. Pics from Raleigh and Cyclocross Magazine.
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Off the Hanger : Northern Exposure – Chris Stevens

You know I’m a ridiculous Northern Exposure addict. One reason, among many, was the classic wardrobe styling of the characters in the show (sans Maggie, phew). So I thought I’d put together some inspirational looks based on a few characters in the show. Round one, the Chris Stevens look: Red tee Wrangler Denim Workshirt somehow [...]
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Men’s Non-No

I was just hand-delivered Men’s Non-No magazine from Japan. Very fun to look at, not only for the clothes/styles etc but just the magazine layout itself. They do a lot of “on the street” photo pages, interesting. And yes, I echo the common sentiment of “so why can’t I get that in the US?”. I [...]
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Off the Hanger : Crayfish Boil

This is one of those activities that seems like everyone who lives around some fresh water could easily do. Fun for the kiddies too (just keep ‘em away from the sharp end). I’ve done it in the past just catching them one by one, but it makes it rough to get a meal, I think [...]
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Visual Acoustics

Julius Shulman film playing in Sept in your ‘hood at the Starz Film Center (thanks Laura).
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Josef Schulz

File this under general visual inspiration. Josef Schulz very MAWOI.
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Cities x Design

The folks at cities x design have an interesting idea, travel around the country looking for innovative design and related business locally. Document it and provide a forum for showcasing America’s ability to make things in these economic times. Since they stopped by our pals at DoubleButter, we figured we should include the vids. More [...]
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Off the Hanger : Backyard Burner

Looking forward to the crisp weather and tostin pies over the backyard fire pit : Wrangler snap front shirt Alpaca knit cap Filson Lined Ranch Jacket and Log Carrier Landmann Ball of Fire Rome’s Round Pie Iron Metal Camping Cup J Crew Straight Fit Vintage Cord Pendleton Whisky (yeah that’s how they spell it) Moonshine [...]
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The Wild Wild West

Ongoing pictorial of highlights from Hansen’s trip to my old Wyoming stomping grounds, more shots at our detritus site >
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