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Off the Hanger : Duck Season

Just so you don’t get confused about the new hunting enthusiasm felt by many right now, I thought I’d put together my list of staples that I will actually use (the shooting iron would be the one I would use if I had the coin) this weekend when the season opens. Tin Cloth Jacket Mechanic’s [...]
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Trying to find a few more examples of the “fancy” hoody I was talking about seeing in San Fran. The top 3 are from Life After Denim, the 4th from Nobis, and last is, of course, that shirt from BR. Not all hoodies, and yes, still military in there, but maybe that’ll give you more [...]
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In the Bag

You know I’m pretty hesitant to buy into anything that may be construed as religious or even spiritual, but I’ve always liked the idea of the medicine bag. I especially like the idea of filling one with small pieces of one’s self and giving it to another to wear, if not daily then perhaps when [...]
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In a fun discussion about fabrics and manufacturing and the (very) imitable titanium spork with a friend Sailcloth came up as a fabric of the times. Light, water/weatherproof, strong and just generally very interesting. The above jacket from Quba and the bags from True Wind or from Klein & More seem to be the easy [...]
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Off the Hanger : Wife Edition

The W is always asking me to find her stuff that I wear, so I figured I’d try and put together a look for her that was actually cut for women. I know you’d probably do a better job seeing as you’re the personal shopper for the girls in your ‘hood, but remember when I [...]
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Missed in SF

Seems like when I take a trip to a city there is always an, ahem, boat, that I miss. This time around to SF it was the Grenson Cooper. Sure, sure, I could order online, but that takes some of the fun out of it, not to mention the incredible sale price. Alas, no size [...]
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Off the Hanger : Game Warden

Well its officially fall and that more than anything spells outdoor time round these parts. I’ve never been one for uniforms or issued work attire except for in one case, the game warden. I lived on a block with 3, count ‘em 3, game wardens growing up and I guess it has been one of [...]
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Hi/Lo: Mountain Town

Jacket Hi – Northface Red Point Lo – Mont-Bell Shirt Hi – Ironheart Lo – Salt Valley Jeans Hi – Wrangler Blue Bell Lo – Wrangler Original Shoes Hi – Birkenstock Special Edition Lo – Birkenstock Classic Pack Hi – Hobo Lo – Jansport Heritage
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Dievas Vintage

Really nice new line of vintage inspired watches from Dievas. I’m sure these probably get the rag from the hardcore trads but I’m still a fan. I think they might even be better on women, for that old timey hand me down from grandpa look.
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Penfield Supreme Amongst Friends Orvis Huf SF
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