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Off the Hanger: Backcountry Ski

I promised The W that I’d do more backcountry this winter, even though I’m usually more partial to skate. Just gotta think more about the outing and enjoy the Cup a Soup. This week with the early snow we could probably have just packed up the Manimal and trekked through the neighborhood. I’d usually recommend [...]
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Off the Hanger: Bike to Work

Helmet (still looking for a solution, but I think this would be dandy for winter) Retro-X Pants Cardigan Pants Strap Bag Gloves Shoes Socks Bike (more of a weekender than a daily, but still good)
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Kelly Kettle

My dad is raving about these right now, they are so down his alley (in the vein of the Kifaru stuff). I don’t know much about them but I’m going to get a demo this weekend . . . they also sell fly rods so they can’t be all bad. From the site: A Kelly [...]
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Raleigh’s Limited Edition SSCXWC Frameset

Limited edition Easton fork, check. Dirt brown, check. PBR logo, check. Hamms Bear carrying a bike, sold. 50 available here, Velo News pic here. One person will luck out and get a tricked complete version in white (I’d have to ask for the brown back I think, that’s just the definition of fugly cool).
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Off the Hanger: Big Box

So I’ll blame you and Dave for this one, by sending me to look at the Jesse James stuff, but I decided to play the “if I had to” game. Which, truthfully, was not a tough game at all. Sure the quality is lacking, but I’d say that is true for the vast majority of [...]
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Take the Money and Run

Has to be one of the best sequences ever made. “His cello playing was . . . just terrible.”
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Off the Hanger: Sorry About the Antlers

Maybe I’m just sick of the seeming necessity for every item of kid clothing to say “I love hugs” or maybe I’m already feeling guilty about stuffing the Manimal into a fleece jumper with caribou antlers on the hood. At any rate, its prolly high time to start getting the poor kid into proper garb, [...]
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Atmosphere Mountainworks: Laramie, WY

I know you remember me talking about this guy when we lived in Laramie, he was the one that made us custom dog coats and sewed some Grateful Dead patches on the back (I think that was his idea, but a good one). Looks like some smart Japanese folk decided to buy up a bit [...]
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New Classic: Bridgestone MB-1 and XO-1

From catalog: If you spend more time riding trails than dreaming about it; if you’re tired of bikes that position you like a typist and steer like tractors; if you want a light, nible, comfortable bike for precision travel over any surface-then the MB-1 is your bike. Blind to the whims of the market and [...]
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Off the Hanger: Stovin’

I had to post some of this stuff just so you and Dexter could have a good laugh. This was one of my favorite jobs for sure, probably because of the insanely ghetto approach we took at restoring these things. Rustoleum, check. Safety Glasses (sometimes) Welding Hat (not sure why these were always around, we [...]
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