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Ranch-Way Feeds

Local obsession of mine, finally got a tour to take some pics this past week. Good people, good feed. Ranch-Way Feeds is an animal feed manufacturer and distributor for the Rocky Mountain Region. Ranch-Way Feeds is located in historic downtown Fort Collins, Colorado and is distributed in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and [...]
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Thanksgiving Drink List

Our family tends to err on the side of having more than enough drinks around the house during the holiday, these will probably be at the top of the list: Crios Malbec Rosé Mapema Sauvignon Blanc Reginato Celestina Sparkling Rose of Malbec Odell’s Woodcut Oak Aged Crimson Ale Tentaka Kuni Hawk in the Heavens Junmai [...]
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Fall Dark Side

You know Dexter agrees, goin’ Vader for the holidays is always a good look. Military Sweater Maglite 2-cell Billy Kirk No. 117 Carhartt Streetwear Slim Pant Slim-fit Custom Polo Black Rayban Outdoorsman Bridgedale Ultra Fit Carhartt Pigskins Penfield Outback Vasque Sundowners
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Colorado Whiskey

For me, this is the time of year for whiskey. Or maybe time of year is just a convenient excuse. At any rate, local favorite Stranahan’s just moved their operation into my neighborhood. I think a bottle of their Snowflake edition would be a great holiday gift. But while I’m on the topic, I have [...]
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Fall Naturale

Obviously you wouldn’t want to roll out the door head to toe Karim Rashid style, but little bits here and there can provide a great palette cleanser for a look. Wallet Mittens (I blame James for my new handwear problem) Belt Pants Boots Sweater
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Off the Hanger: Budget Back to Work

I think probably a lot of people are in Dave’s shoes these days (or lack of shoes maybe). After taking a recession job sojourn, they’re ready to head back to the workforce and are looking for an inexpensive back to work uniform. Shirt – $30 Jacket – $150 via SC Sterling Tie Bar – $20 [...]
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Subaru Snowmachine

I had to post this just to show you that my Subarus really don’t have THAT much crap strapped to them . . . OK, maybe they do.
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Mountain Boy Sledworks

A toboggan has always been a standard piece of equipment in our family, used for hunting, Xmas tree hauling, backcountry skiing and sledding. Might be time to replace the old beater with a shiny new number from Mountain Boy Sledworks. I’ve also been pretty fascinated by the kicksled culture and would love to take one [...]
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Trigger Finger Mittens

These made a minor comeback with the ‘boarder crowd a few years back, never really took hold. My dad has been obsessed with them for a long while now and I have to admit, when it gets sub-arctic nasty out, they do the trick. Warm like a mitten but still enough dexterity to get things [...]
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Pashley Cycles

The local bike shop is bringing these in and man do they look sweet. Just a few of their interesting points are the 28″ wheels, hub brakes and the way the rear fork bolts on. That Guv’nor (top) is calling my name. Check ‘em out.
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