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Atmosphere Mountainworks Anorak

I really can’t blather enough about this place, to say every item is unique is an understatement. Nothing is perfect, everything is loud, and its all sewn with fury by the owner. Picked up this anorak over the holiday, I love the patches he uses and the final touch are the handwritten size tags. Still [...]
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Off the Hanger: Peter and the Wolf

Little teaser from the film, beautifully done and great down shirt on Peter to boot. Available on Instant Play right now. Watch it. Aviator Cap Crescent Down Works Jacket Barneys Fingerless Gloves/Mittens (for tying those wolf catching knots) Wool Field Pants Rope Alden Aviator Boots
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Schoolhouse Chic

Classic, bulletproof, good stuff. 3-D Land Forms Model Califone Cassette Player Solar System Model Lab Stool Premium Single-Tier Lockers Letter Board Tetherball Alphabet Rug Celestron Biological Compound Microscope
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Fly Fishing: Old School, New School

There has to be something said for a sport, which through the years, can be performed equally as well with gear that hasn’t changed for 50 years as it can with the high tech stuff rolling off the shelves today. I do have to admit I’m just as fascinated by the new fishing technology as [...]
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Off the Hanger: Budget Western

Shirt – $21 Tee – $16 Belt – $10 Buckle – Mine, flea, $3 Jeans – $10 (seriously, give these the 6 month, wear every day, no-wash APC treatment and they’ll turn out dandy) Vest – $40 Boots – $100 Gloves – $11
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Deskadillo from DoubleButter

The newest custom furniture offering from our friends at DoubleButter.
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Job Posting from Lander, WY

I am looking for an amazing person who is honest, considerate and excited to be a jack-of-all-trades. Someone to fix fence, make a gate that opens without always buying a new powder river one, repair old barns and sheds in a manner in keeping with their character, understand how water flows through a ditch and [...]
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Off the Hanger: Treasure of the Sierra Madre

My first introduction to this film was by a high school geology teacher that would throw it in during downtimes in the class schedule (which seemed to be more often than one would think). It was always a crowd favorite. A fabulous film with great life lessons like gold can ruin your soul and that [...]
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Finally caught Tulpan the other night on instant play. It might help if a person grew up around ranching to really appreciate the film, but I do think most of it taps into broad, general human experiences to which everyone can relate. Uncommon looks at family life, relationships, career struggles, and personal identity and insecurity. [...]
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Off the Hanger: Substitute Teacher

Barely out of college I started substitute teaching. I looked so young I figured I’d try and find some old man teacher stereotype clothing – my oversized concert t’s, grunge flannels, and faded jeans just weren’t going to cut it. I also grew a beard to try and age myself a bit – of course [...]
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