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Off the Hanger: Gump

Really solid styling in this movie. Re-watch just for the consistent look Forrest keeps from leg brace days to telling bench stories. Also reminded me of the amount of CG work that was added to the film (looks dated now) but I think blazed the trail of thinking for its integration into all genres. Shirt [...]
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Original TV Foodies: Urban Peasant

Back in the day before Food Network, there were a handful of TV foodie personalities that really laid a solid foundation for my interest in cooking (and years working in kitchens, but that is another story). On the top of that list is James Barber of Urban Peasant fame. James always threw together an odd [...]
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Off the Hanger: Bike to the Film Fest

Heads or Tails {Trailer} from Mad Phil Media on Vimeo. “Rise” Trailer from Costa Sunglasses on Vimeo. Couple of selections from the upcoming Film Tour I’ll be hitting up next week in Fort Collins. Very Warren Miller in fishing form (I could stand to hear a little less metal in the soundtracks) but overall, really [...]
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Spring fever with Riveria Clothing

Yes it’s still January. I can’t help it, already have spring fever. Maybe it’s the fact the mountains haven’t had great snow but more likely the upcoming road trip to Sayulita, Mexico. It’s got me thinking about sun, warmth, surfboards and easy shirts. Riveria Clothing looks to fit the bill, some nice details it seems [...]
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Elkhorn Fly Rods & Reels

Local company based in Loveland, CO putting out some solid classic designs and affordable modern rods and reels. Great lineup including my new favorite rod setup, the 7 piece travel (no checking required on the plane so when your luggage is sent to Aruba you can at least still fish).
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Fort Guerin at Yard Dog

Painter/writer Fort Guerin at Yard Dog.
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Off the Hanger: Pond Hockey

Somehow I got roped into an upcoming 3 day marathon pond hockey tournament, so its time to get on the ice. Luckily it has been colder than hell so the ponds are in good shape for weekend pickups. I’ll probably go full gear when the time comes but the weekenders are a little more casual. [...]
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Yellowstone Form Fitting Gloves

Cruising through Jax Farm and Ranch this weekend, I noticed a wall of gloves. What caught my eye was the old school label, nice and simple, punctuated by “The Only Gloves.” Sounds good to me. Made in Idaho Falls, Idaho, “these gloves feature a patented ‘seamless palm, seamless back’ pattern which has come to be [...]
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Off the Hanger: Gaucho

Somehow I need to translate bits and pieces of this look into my every day kit. I’m always up for any sort of cowboy influence and I think the Gaucho look is probably about as honed as it gets. Belts on belts on belts, scarves on ponchos and most importantly, lots of big knives. Fun [...]
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New Holland Boomer 8N

Once we get the commune up and rolling, we’ll need to pick up one of these. We can let the chickens ride in the bucket or something. I used to drive an old Ford to cut the hay around the house of an old employer (that’s probably another story) but I love how the redesign [...]
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