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Off the Hanger: Magnum P.I.

The fashion industry’s newfound love for all things Hawaiian shirts got me thinking about the master of that genre, Magnum. I also found this site that is basically the Magnum style bible. Sure, there were some definite styling faux pas in the series but overall the character had great classic looks. Rugbys, 501s, Outdoorsman specs, [...]
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Off the Hanger: Spring Fishing

With any luck the weather will take a turn for the better and we’ll be able to hit the streams soon enough. The bro-in-law is getting geared up (opted for the Scott over the Winston, atta boy) so I thought I’d take stock of my kit for possible upgrades. Hat – Filson (good warm/cool option [...]
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Layer Up

Might as well not fight it and just layer up till spring.
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Off the Hanger: Skate Ski

Maybe it’s the Olympic spirit that has motivated me but we’ve managed to get out a few times this winter to hit up the fantastic trails just north of us for a few skate sessions. This time of year usually lends itself to good snow so hopefully there will be a few more trips (as [...]
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Off the Hanger: DoubleButter by Day

We bat the fashion ball back and forth with quite a few folks but the the boys at DoubleButter have to be the most vociferous about their stance. More than anyone we know, they stand by their uniform and are pretty relentless implementing it every day. They sent us some pics (damn fine pics) of [...]
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Ask and you shall receive (well it wasn’t really me but I can be thankful anyway). Chris, make sure you put my name on one of these dandies.
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Off the Hanger: Hill Street Blues

Pretty revolutionary show for its day and the styling of Bruce Weitz character on Hill Street Blues set the stage for the plain clothes hardcore TV cop image. Sweatshirt – Warehouse Hat – USN black wool watch cap Canvas Gloves – White Ox elastic band chopped off of course Belt – 1 3/4” to hold [...]
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Albert Exergian’s TV Posters

Good stuff available here.
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National Geo Photo of the Day

Good for that daily virtual world tour. National Geographic Photo of the Day.
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Original TV Foodies: Yan Can Cook

It’s very likely Martin Yan could be the sole source of my lifelong obsession with Asian food (furthered more recently hanging with my friend Jeff). Back when I first started watching Yan Can Cook, he was one of only a handful of Master Chefs on the planet. Dazzling knife skills combined with an equally dazzling [...]
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