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Off the Hanger: Brew Tour

My ‘hood could be considered a veritable beer mecca. Compound that with the huge local biking culture and voila, the weekend plans are done. Wisely, most of the breweries a located within a quick ride of each other so making the jaunt to compare hops requires just a couple of cranks. Hat: King Ropes, now [...]
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Matchbook Registry

In one of my design classes I had my students overhaul gum packaging, I’m thinking now, matchbooks would have been a dandy project. Limited space, limited configurations, with a concise message. Good stuff, via
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Off the Hanger: Spring Yard Day

Time to get out and tend to the matted monstrosity that lay outside my door. Sweater and Shirt - L.L. Bean Signature Shades – Cheap, so when you forget and toss them in a pocket full of fabric stakes the waterworks won’t start. Belt – Billy Kirk Gloves – Yellowstone Pants – Oxen double front [...]
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MAWOI x Pursuit

We’re usually pretty hesitant to fuel the incestuous nature of the blog world, but there are a few folks out there (10e, Wild Wood, Able Hands, etc.) that are just good for our daily living. The Pursuit Aesthetic is one of those daily reads for us (specially the clippings, more please) so we were stoked [...]
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David Maisel

Beautiful Mining Project and Mount Saint Helens aerials, also well known for his Library of Dust series.
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Pond Hockey: Style Recap

Highlights of the pond hockey stylings a few weeks back at the FCPHL tourney. Our team was officially crushed, score-wise and fashion-wise. Stiff competition. We’ll need to make a better effort all around next year. All photos via FCPHL.
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On the Road: Sayulita

One half of MAWOI has been on the road, driving and camping his way, from Colorado to Sayulita and back for the past few weeks. He’s been keeping me abreast of all developments. Cop bribe? Check. Thunder stomach? Check. Weeks of hammock time on the beach? Check. The majority of the time recently has been [...]
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Off the Hanger: Tipi Camping

Come hell or high water, I’m going to make sure we get our tipi setup this summer. We’ve had one in the family for as long as I’ve been around and it’s become sort of a trademark by now. For a while I had one in the back yard of a house I owned (bought [...]
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