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EVA Shoes from Puma & Native

Seems like these have been popping up lately. I know, I know, the association with “that one shoe” is pretty damning, but hey, if you can post those Gramicci shorts, well then…. Would I wear these? Dunno. I worry in the heat they might feel like I’ve got galoshes on despite all the air holes. [...]
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Tercel 4WD

Joining the ranks of the other hideously good wagons of the world is the Toyota Tercel 4wd. We had a shiny gold number when I was growing up and it proved to be one of the best vehicles we ever added to the arsenal. Thankfully there are a handful of loyal supporters out there that [...]
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Fishing Report: Green River

Great weather the second day (50 degrees with 40mph wind the first, we’ll forget about that) and overall decent fishing, especially if you’re into whitefish. Highlight of the trip was casting the bro-in-law’s new Scott rod, had to give it back before I get used to that kind of luxury. Always good to get out [...]
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Wyoming Born – Cliff Outdoors

We’ll be headed up to Gray Reef in a couple weeks (if the insane water levels subside) and might just have to stop by the world headquarters of Cliff Outdoors. Hands down the best fly boxes on the market born and bred in Casper, WY.
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New Classic: Selle Italia Turbo

Standard issue back in the day for all mtn bikes worth their salt and recently reissued for rekindling that old Turbo romance. Might be a good way to set yourself apart from the B-17 crowds.
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The Original Green Toys

Picked up the toolset for the nephew. Recycled, USA made, and actually good looking stuff. From the Green Toys site: All Green Toys products are 100% made in the USA. To be more specific, they are produced in California, a state known for strict toy safety and environmental laws. It’s cool to buy USA, but [...]
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Round Town: Panda Bicycles

Fort Collins based bamboo bicycle manufacturers Panda Bicycles had a nice little write up in the CSU online news today.
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Off the Hanger: Ride to the Pond

Starting the weekend rides to a cluster of ponds in town for some water splashing, mud caking and fish watching with the little ‘en. Helmets – Pro-tec and Pro Rider Toddler Pack – Parrott Canvas Tee – Star Wars Shirts – Brooks Brothers Madras and Crew Cuts Thistle Shorts – Wild Things (OK, I’m a [...]
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Flickr Find: Mid-Century Goodness

Fabulous collection of vintage postcards, restaurant images, ads, etc. via Better Than Bad for all you mid-century lovers. Even a couple from good ole Wyo.
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Mountain Classic: Lava Dome

Most likely I’m one of only a handful of folks that still carries the Lava Dome torch. Could be because the first pair of techy hikers I had were the original Nike boots (3/4 top, blue nylon and suede, circa early 80′s, anyone know these?) I’m now down to my last remaining pair of rainbow [...]
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