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Round the Office

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Gabbeh can be fabulous or go drastically wrong down the Cosby sweater road. These however are some great examples of how it is done right via Driscoll Robbins.
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His & Hers

Columbia Metro Trail and Nike Magma. I of course like hers better than his.
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White Mountaineering Summer 2011

You know me, I hate boring so this brand is always barreling down my alley. White Mountaineering summer 2011. Pretty interesting styling too, shows how the collection can go any number of routes from granola to grunge.
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Belt drive bicycles

My daily bike has been lying dormant due to some really minor maintenance issues so I’ve been using my girl’s Langster. It got me thinking it might be time for a new bike (isn’t it always?). A buddy suggested I look into a belt drive bike – clearly in part as a jab at my [...]
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General Idea Fall 2011

Korean outfit General Idea (great name) Fall 2011 collection. Definitely like those nylon scarves, the boots and of course the short/long.
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ELC – 100 Days

Local clothing company ELC has an interesting series going on right now. The 100 days collection is available for, yes you’re quick, 100 days and is a selection of a few limited items. After that, a new set every 100 days. The idea is classic accessories – in this first round a pipe, a knife, [...]
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Eastern Rises Fundraiser

If anyone is in Fort Collins tomorrow night, there will be a Save the Poudre fundraiser at New Belgium Featuring the latest and greatest from Felt Soul. Come support the home team.
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Van Nostrand Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink

Some shots from the VNM Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink that was lying around the MAWOI office. Buy it here.
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Gotham vs. the Windy City?

Outlier (on the left) and Nonetheless (right) are clearly doing something similar in their two fair cities and that something is right down my alley. The question is, who’s doing it better? Now I’m all for keeping everyone friends but a healthy debate can be fun sometimes? Right? My initial take is that I like [...]
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