His & Hers: Turk+Taylor SS ’11

Western, color, nylon, done. Good looking stuff from the Turk+Taylor SS 2011 collection. Made in San Francisco apparently, T+T, can you tell us a bit more?

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    UP, UP & AWAY!
    It all started with a crazy idea. In seasons past, we’ve been doing some serious upcycling, using existing materials in new ways. Vintage Army blankets, old sails. We love that these materials have already had a life of their own and have been in service for decades. Our next (ad)venture? Why, a HOT AIR BALLOON, of course!
    The very idea of it was absurd. Wacky and fun, though not entirely inconceivable. We eventually hunted down a retired balloon in Colorado and had it shipped to San Francisco. A friend’s football-field-sized warehouse provided the perfect site for the unfurling of what seemed like miles of rip-stop nylon. (I actually rough-calculated the quantity at around 400 yards of fabric.) We cut it up into manageable pieces and sent it off for a good cleaning. This balloon was destined for a second life as a swarm of stunning, uniquely color-blocked, one-of-a-kind windbreakers and dresses. How crazily practical.

    The rest of the collection seemed to design itself. Taking inspiration from the color and whimsy of the balloon, we designed a couple of equally fun fabrics. One is an organic cotton/recycled polyester rainbow buffalo plaid, ideal for a western shirt for the gents or a safari dress for the ladies. The other, a multi-colored organic cotton/nylon twill plaid—perfect for summery boardshorts for guys and gals alike. The collection is decidedly resort, with a youthful and contemporary twist. Modern interpretations of Mexican ponchos, classed up in beautiful Italian striped linen. (The ladies can opt for a floor-length version: Move over, Mrs. Roper!) Cinched oversized kaftans in silk twill and rainbow buffalo plaid are a serious spring statement. And the Pocket Jacket (“Yes,
    Vicki (one of our seamstresses), SEVEN pockets!”): a wearable style for both guys and gals that precariously teeters on the line between spring and fall, day and evening, practical and overboard, and, depending on the fabric choice, conservative and zany—find those at MAC and AB Fits in San Francisco. A smattering of vintage fabrics rounds out the collection and punches up the fun (our current obsession: bold stripes and colorful florals). Perfect for spring flingin’ and summer lovin’!

    As always, Turk+Taylor is committed to using organic and sustainable fabrics (including hot air balloons) and manufacturing locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, providing fair-trade labor living wages.

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