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Loki Longboards

Using castoffs from their Young & Norgate furniture line, the guys at Loki Longboards make some awfully pretty longboards. I know some of you out there don’t quite get the longboard, but man, sure is nice for a mellow evening roll across town. That carving feeling and actually being able to go places sure is [...]
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Family photos Vol. 5

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Family photos Vol. 4

Bonus points to whoever can let me know what year that Cadillac is in picture #5.
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Chasing Rainbows

With a tagline like “Ethereal wardrobe pieces for the futuristic Zulu Princess” you know the pieces from Chasing Rainbows aren’t going to be boring. Hand crafted by two lovely and talented sisters all these pieces make a statement. It seems to me somehow a mix of sci-fi, Native American, and maybe a little Mad Max [...]
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I’ve been checking out the wares of the awfully nice brothers over at Feltraiger lately. While I think they’ve had good traction with that T – gotta love it’s called “California Girls” – I really like the shirts, the White LAX in particular. I like the simple straightforward things they are doing and am looking [...]
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A while back I posted about Outlier and our plans to check them out. We got our hands on some a while back and have been putting them through the paces. In the photos above, Jedd took his 4Season OG’s to Belize and snapped a few action shots. As suspected they are perfect travel pants, [...]
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Family Photos Vol. 3

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