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Conner Cycles Scorcher

I want to believe in a wood bike and Connor Cycles makes a nice looking case for one. Their goal of “stripped down simplicity” is right up our alley here at Mawoi so that doesn’t hurt either. Even better the flagship bike gets its name from a Denver bicycle street gang from the turn of [...]
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Unmarked Shoes

Unmarked is a new footwear company from Mexico. Mexico has an amazing amount of quality leather – as a majority of US hides are sent to Mexico for processing. And of course known for handiwork it makes sense a nice footwear company would rise up. The descriptions are what made it for me though – [...]
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Budnitz Bicycles

This might not seem like the right time of year to be talking about bicycles (is there really a wrong time?) but these aren’t ordinary bikes. These are what I’d call “Christmas wish list” bikes. From our pal Paul at Budnitz Bicycles comes all titanium, made in the USA, belt drive, disc brakes fancy bike [...]
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Saturdays in December – Off the Hanger

The Synchilla Topo Designs Shelter Shirt Toddland Flannel lined Shipwreck pants North Face Down slippers Lady Grey loose leaf (that’s, right, the Lady wins) PG Wodehouse Jeeves Book – if you haven’t, you should Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack
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Holtkamper trailer tents

It’s Fall. This time of year increases the camping drive for me for some reason. I love summer camping, but fall gets me really itching to get out there which means I’ve been trolling even more camping sites and talking about even more camping gear lately. Usually I’m more the minimalist so a trailer like [...]
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Old news for UK street wear fans, I’ve been curious lately about Maharishi. Anyone have any experience with their patented Snopants? And no, that’s not Sno as in “snow”. It’s a patented example of those convertible pants that change from pants to clamdiggers to shorts. I’m usually not a fan of the “all in one” [...]
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I can’t seem to stop looking at Manastash stuff. Available at Hickoree’s Hard Goods and Jungmaven (great place to find organic t’s btw) in the spring. That camp shirt at Jungmaven? I’m going to have to figure out how to get my hands on that. A lot of the jackets are reversible so you can [...]
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Sunday night internet shopping leads to finds like Hlaska. Next time I’m in the bay area, I’ve got to remember to stop by this store. Some nice shirts here and all made in the USA which is always fun to see. The diving bell reminiscent belt is fun too, might be the kind of thing [...]
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These images probably won’t be new to most of you, but it’s an interesting story so I couldn’t help but post. A new shoe company where everything – all the way down to the foam, soles, threads, is made in the US. That’s a pretty difficult task I’d imagine. It’ll be interesting to see how [...]
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Loki Longboards

Using castoffs from their Young & Norgate furniture line, the guys at Loki Longboards make some awfully pretty longboards. I know some of you out there don’t quite get the longboard, but man, sure is nice for a mellow evening roll across town. That carving feeling and actually being able to go places sure is [...]
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