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Van Nostrand Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink

Some shots from the VNM Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink that was lying around the MAWOI office. Buy it here.
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Round the Office

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Round the Office

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Original TV Foodies: Yan Can Cook

It’s very likely Martin Yan could be the sole source of my lifelong obsession with Asian food (furthered more recently hanging with my friend Jeff). Back when I first started watching Yan Can Cook, he was one of only a handful of Master Chefs on the planet. Dazzling knife skills combined with an equally dazzling [...]
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Original TV Foodies: Urban Peasant

Back in the day before Food Network, there were a handful of TV foodie personalities that really laid a solid foundation for my interest in cooking (and years working in kitchens, but that is another story). On the top of that list is James Barber of Urban Peasant fame. James always threw together an odd [...]
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Off the Hanger: Substitute Teacher

Barely out of college I started substitute teaching. I looked so young I figured I’d try and find some old man teacher stereotype clothing – my oversized concert t’s, grunge flannels, and faded jeans just weren’t going to cut it. I also grew a beard to try and age myself a bit – of course [...]
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Off the Hanger: Stockholm

I was sent a pair of selvedge denim (thanks!) and found a book of matches from the Berns Hotel in the pocket. Got me curious about where models smoke so looked it up and found it’s a gem in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Since travel ranks high on my favorites list, I thought about [...]
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Agatha Christie Art

I know I might be bordering on lunacy with my Poirot and Miss Marple obsession (seriously, nobody in their right mind would watch Evil Under the Sun twice much less 50 times) , but you have to admit, there is some good design happening in this series of Agatha Christie prints.
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The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet

Dave’s right, this might be good one for recalibrating everything.
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