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Washes Memories Off the Sidewalk of Life

Solid gold from Play it Again Sam.
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Mountain Classic: Lava Dome

Most likely I’m one of only a handful of folks that still carries the Lava Dome torch. Could be because the first pair of techy hikers I had were the original Nike boots (3/4 top, blue nylon and suede, circa early 80′s, anyone know these?) I’m now down to my last remaining pair of rainbow [...]
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Original TV Foodies: Yan Can Cook

It’s very likely Martin Yan could be the sole source of my lifelong obsession with Asian food (furthered more recently hanging with my friend Jeff). Back when I first started watching Yan Can Cook, he was one of only a handful of Master Chefs on the planet. Dazzling knife skills combined with an equally dazzling [...]
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Trigger Finger Mittens

These made a minor comeback with the ‘boarder crowd a few years back, never really took hold. My dad has been obsessed with them for a long while now and I have to admit, when it gets sub-arctic nasty out, they do the trick. Warm like a mitten but still enough dexterity to get things [...]
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Agatha Christie Art

I know I might be bordering on lunacy with my Poirot and Miss Marple obsession (seriously, nobody in their right mind would watch Evil Under the Sun twice much less 50 times) , but you have to admit, there is some good design happening in this series of Agatha Christie prints.
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Can’t Live Without : Coffee Mugs

A very brief sampling of our ever growing collection. I think the #1 rule is that you can’t ever buy one new. Steal, thrift, flea. Just a simple pleasure that makes every day a little better (especially with coffee).
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Dear L.L.Bean . . .

Why’d you stop making these? Love, Jedd P.S. Seriously, these are perfect. Why? Why? Why?
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Worth Every Penny : Atlas Pepper Mill

Really classic looking, nice and heavy, and most importantly it just works. Available locally at The Cupboard or at Amazon.
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Can’t Live Without

Le Creuset dutch oven and large spatula spoon. All you need to rule the culinary world.
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