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Whiskeyjack and Meriwether

Really beautiful goods from Whiskeyjack Paddles and Meriwether Field Gear.
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Round the Office

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General Idea Fall 2011

Korean outfit General Idea (great name) Fall 2011 collection. Definitely like those nylon scarves, the boots and of course the short/long.
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Van Nostrand Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink

Some shots from the VNM Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink that was lying around the MAWOI office. Buy it here.
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Meka World – More container based housing

Even though I now think shipping containers don’t make great building materials, I’m still taken by the idea. Just seems like such a great re-use and so, so close. Here’s a recent example forwarded from our friends at Housefish, the Meka series. And I tend to agree, how are they including all that for the [...]
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Fall Swatches

Bits and pieces of the fall palette. Lost track of nearly all the sources for these, sorry for the thievery and thanks for the inspiration.
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Thinking A-Frame

The A-frame is the epic combo of modern meets mountain meets retro. Putting it on the life to-do list. Click the images for sources and further goodness.
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County Fair: Tractor Rehab

A few highlights from the restored vintage tractor exhibit at the County Fair this weekend. Anyone showing there really had to bring their a-game to compete with the Ham Bone Express pig race and the pygmy goats.
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For the Minimalist: Tenkara

No reel, no guides, no fly line, just a simple telescopic rod with a short furled line attached to the tip. Tenkara takes minimalism to a new level in the fly-fishing world, seems like the perfect backpacking rig. I’d definitely miss double hauling but the one-handed casting technique would be a nice respite on a [...]
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Big Rock Forge

The handiwork of Scott Roush (apprentice blacksmith, woodworker and photographer), Big Rock Forge knives and tools based in northern Wisconsin.
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