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Round the Office

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Round the Office

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Off the Hanger: Pumpkin Patch

That time of year again, time to head out and pick the pumpkins and roast up the seeds. Clothes Vest: Vintage from a now defunct local shop Hat: Foam back 10e special Jeans: 501 Sweatshirt: J.Crew Tee: Buckhorn Shoes: Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Oxford Belt: Billy Kirk No. 215 Seed Roasting Pruners: Duluth Trading Man [...]
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Off the Hanger: Brew Tour

My ‘hood could be considered a veritable beer mecca. Compound that with the huge local biking culture and voila, the weekend plans are done. Wisely, most of the breweries a located within a quick ride of each other so making the jaunt to compare hops requires just a couple of cranks. Hat: King Ropes, now [...]
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Off the Hanger: Stockholm

I was sent a pair of selvedge denim (thanks!) and found a book of matches from the Berns Hotel in the pocket. Got me curious about where models smoke so looked it up and found it’s a gem in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Since travel ranks high on my favorites list, I thought about [...]
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Thanksgiving Drink List

Our family tends to err on the side of having more than enough drinks around the house during the holiday, these will probably be at the top of the list: Crios Malbec Rosé Mapema Sauvignon Blanc Reginato Celestina Sparkling Rose of Malbec Odell’s Woodcut Oak Aged Crimson Ale Tentaka Kuni Hawk in the Heavens Junmai [...]
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Colorado Whiskey

For me, this is the time of year for whiskey. Or maybe time of year is just a convenient excuse. At any rate, local favorite Stranahan’s just moved their operation into my neighborhood. I think a bottle of their Snowflake edition would be a great holiday gift. But while I’m on the topic, I have [...]
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Drink of the Week: Cognac Sour

Cognac Sour: Cognac Lemon Juice Grated Ginger Simple Syrup Strainer Crushed Ice Martini Glass
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Off the Hanger : Northern Exposure – Chris Stevens

You know I’m a ridiculous Northern Exposure addict. One reason, among many, was the classic wardrobe styling of the characters in the show (sans Maggie, phew). So I thought I’d put together some inspirational looks based on a few characters in the show. Round one, the Chris Stevens look: Red tee Wrangler Denim Workshirt somehow [...]
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Off the Hanger : Backyard Burner

Looking forward to the crisp weather and tostin pies over the backyard fire pit : Wrangler snap front shirt Alpaca knit cap Filson Lined Ranch Jacket and Log Carrier Landmann Ball of Fire Rome’s Round Pie Iron Metal Camping Cup J Crew Straight Fit Vintage Cord Pendleton Whisky (yeah that’s how they spell it) Moonshine [...]
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