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Off the Hanger: Pumpkin Patch

That time of year again, time to head out and pick the pumpkins and roast up the seeds. Clothes Vest: Vintage from a now defunct local shop Hat: Foam back 10e special Jeans: 501 Sweatshirt: J.Crew Tee: Buckhorn Shoes: Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Oxford Belt: Billy Kirk No. 215 Seed Roasting Pruners: Duluth Trading Man [...]
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On the Road: Sayulita

One half of MAWOI has been on the road, driving and camping his way, from Colorado to Sayulita and back for the past few weeks. He’s been keeping me abreast of all developments. Cop bribe? Check. Thunder stomach? Check. Weeks of hammock time on the beach? Check. The majority of the time recently has been [...]
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Original TV Foodies: Yan Can Cook

It’s very likely Martin Yan could be the sole source of my lifelong obsession with Asian food (furthered more recently hanging with my friend Jeff). Back when I first started watching Yan Can Cook, he was one of only a handful of Master Chefs on the planet. Dazzling knife skills combined with an equally dazzling [...]
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Original TV Foodies: Urban Peasant

Back in the day before Food Network, there were a handful of TV foodie personalities that really laid a solid foundation for my interest in cooking (and years working in kitchens, but that is another story). On the top of that list is James Barber of Urban Peasant fame. James always threw together an odd [...]
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Gift Guide: Under $30

Tintin – The Blue Lotus Timex Camper Watch Hoof Pick Belt (still a genius find James) Zippo (smoker or not, this is handy) Freehands Gloves Poirot vol.1 (that is if you’re not an addict and have them all) Opinel No. 3 Carbon (got this for the wife last Xmas, big hit) Shop Class as Soulcraft [...]
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Kelly Kettle

My dad is raving about these right now, they are so down his alley (in the vein of the Kifaru stuff). I don’t know much about them but I’m going to get a demo this weekend . . . they also sell fly rods so they can’t be all bad. From the site: A Kelly [...]
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Off the Hanger : Annie Hall

I finally got another copy of Annie Hall the other day (I think the VHS died a slow miserable death due to the obsessive viewing). Even though I’ve seen it more times than even I’d even admit, the style just seemed so spot on for certain trends floating to the surface lately. The chambray and [...]
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Off the Hanger : Crayfish Boil

This is one of those activities that seems like everyone who lives around some fresh water could easily do. Fun for the kiddies too (just keep ‘em away from the sharp end). I’ve done it in the past just catching them one by one, but it makes it rough to get a meal, I think [...]
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Off the Hanger : Backyard Burner

Looking forward to the crisp weather and tostin pies over the backyard fire pit : Wrangler snap front shirt Alpaca knit cap Filson Lined Ranch Jacket and Log Carrier Landmann Ball of Fire Rome’s Round Pie Iron Metal Camping Cup J Crew Straight Fit Vintage Cord Pendleton Whisky (yeah that’s how they spell it) Moonshine [...]
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