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Van Nostrand Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink

Some shots from the VNM Manual of Rendering with Pen and Ink that was lying around the MAWOI office. Buy it here.
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Ben’s Backwoods

All kinds of goodness, Ben’s Backwoods.
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How to: Concrete counter

After living with a plywood kitchen counter for far too long, I finally tackled this project. Lots of resources out there, but all roads lead back to Fu Tung-Cheng. All in all it’s a pretty straightforward process, build a mold (don’t forget it’s a mirror image!), mix the concrete, polish as obsessively as you’re comfortable [...]
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Drink of the Week: Cognac Sour

Cognac Sour: Cognac Lemon Juice Grated Ginger Simple Syrup Strainer Crushed Ice Martini Glass
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How To: Townie Upgrade

There seems to be a plethora of older American made frames out and about (Schwinn, Ross, etc.) that can be had for dirt cheap. I picked up this American Ross frame at a flea for almost nothing and made a few upgrades. After a bit of searching on Sheldon Brown, I realized that there was [...]
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Off the Hanger : Crayfish Boil

This is one of those activities that seems like everyone who lives around some fresh water could easily do. Fun for the kiddies too (just keep ‘em away from the sharp end). I’ve done it in the past just catching them one by one, but it makes it rough to get a meal, I think [...]
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How To : Restore Fiberglass Shell Chairs

I was lucky enough to convince my sis to give me a couple vintage shell chairs she saved from a remodeled dog track. So, I hunted around and found this article about restoring them to an almost original luster. Quick and dirty summary of the process: 1. Spray the chairs with soapy water to cut [...]
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