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Conner Cycles Scorcher

I want to believe in a wood bike and Connor Cycles makes a nice looking case for one. Their goal of “stripped down simplicity” is right up our alley here at Mawoi so that doesn’t hurt either. Even better the flagship bike gets its name from a Denver bicycle street gang from the turn of [...]
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Loki Longboards

Using castoffs from their Young & Norgate furniture line, the guys at Loki Longboards make some awfully pretty longboards. I know some of you out there don’t quite get the longboard, but man, sure is nice for a mellow evening roll across town. That carving feeling and actually being able to go places sure is [...]
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Cricket Trailer

Even before reading the backstory about the Cricket Trailer I was thinking to myself, that looks like how NASA would camp. Good stuff. The no-nonsense interiors are a nice departure from the standard fake oak fiberboard eyesores.
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Off the Hanger: Travel Fishing

At least one of the MAWOI employees (ahem . . .) manages to get out a few times a year to far off lands to do a bit of fishing. Wether its Ontario or Aruba I usually take about 80% of the same gear. Watch: Timex Easy Reader with NATO strap. I’ve been eyeing these [...]
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David Maisel

Beautiful Mining Project and Mount Saint Helens aerials, also well known for his Library of Dust series.
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Simple Goodness

Its been raining so much here this summer I’ve been thinking about how much I like simple rain jackets. Breathable? Prolly not. Taped seams and waterproof zippers? Nope. Just simple goodness. Helly Hansen Voss jacket.
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Live Edge

Prefab houses and furniture made from reclaimed wood salvaged from trees in urban areas. I like the middle ground they have found between a classic log cabin feel and a more modern prefab. Live Edge.
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Gates of the Arctic

I’m a sucker for anything Alaska so catching this on PBS last night was a special treat. Definitely worth a watch. The film focuses on self sufficiency, preserving wilderness locations and history of locals in the Brooks Range. Gates of the Arctic : Alaska’s Brooks Range is produced by Alaskan Geographic which also sells another [...]
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Sneaking in a pleat

A lot more discussion over at the Selvedge Yard on this, but I saw these shorts from Loden Dager and somehow thought they seemed reasonable. Pleat and all. As far as it goes, I really hope I never have to wear a pleat again – too many Ross & TJ Maxx nightmares from my youth, [...]
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The Propery

Next time you’re furnishing that movie set or looking to stage out that multi-million dollar home for sale, just swing down under to The Propery and rent it all . . . yeah and that site will drive you bat looney but the “surfaces” section is kind of fun.
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