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Howler Brothers

Really impressed with the products and folks behind Howler Brothers. Pearl snap fishing shirt? Yes, yes please.
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Whiskeyjack and Meriwether

Really beautiful goods from Whiskeyjack Paddles and Meriwether Field Gear.
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Juniper Ridge

Met these fine folks from Juniper Ridge this week at the Capsule show in Vegas. Wonderful people, amazing products.
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Family photos Vol. 5

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Family photos Vol. 4

Bonus points to whoever can let me know what year that Cadillac is in picture #5.
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A while back I posted about Outlier and our plans to check them out. We got our hands on some a while back and have been putting them through the paces. In the photos above, Jedd took his 4Season OG’s to Belize and snapped a few action shots. As suspected they are perfect travel pants, [...]
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Family Photos Vol. 3

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Family Photos Vol. 2

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Etsy Gold: Hoof & Antler

Recently I picked up a great vintage Levi’s shirt from Hoof & Antler. When I opened the envelope, there was a fabulous little hand written note and the shirt was wrapped in tissue with a black silk ribbon. Job. Well. Done. I was so impressed I pinged them to find out a little more: Basically [...]
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His & Hers: Western Spring

A few highlights from the 67 pages of western shirt goodness on Etsy. Most options sub-$20. Go browse.
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